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(Lori Weisbrod   Survivor: Overcame psoriatic arthritis and fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis) 

Written by :  Lisa Rundle       

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Lori Weisbrod talks to Chatelaine Magazine

The human body has over 200 joints. Lori Weisbrod has been aware of each one of hers since being diagnosed with a severe form of psoriatic (a sister to rheumatoid) arthritis at age 18. She’s had joint replacements, surgeries on her hands and feet, wrist fusions, tendon replacements. Even her jaw was wired shut for two months. There have been 13 operations in all, and there will be more. “It’s a given. It’s part of my life,” says Weisbrod.

But Weisbrod’s focus isn’t on her struggles. “My body was falling apart. I couldn’t even walk at points,” she says of her condition prior to 2000.

Then Weisbrod discovered Pilates, a core-strengthening exercise method that would change her life.

She only watched the first class she went to; she couldn’t get down to the floor mat. But she started attending regularly anyway. “For someone with my compromised joints, it was a miracle,” says Weisbrod. “It changed the way I saw my body.”

She lost weight and gained muscle strength, taking pressure off her joints. Her mobility and flexibility improved. And, best off all, the exercises helped her manage her pain.

For her next miracle, Weisbrod earned her Mat Pilates instructor certification and developed her own brand, Arthro-Pilates™ , for those living with chronic pain and other limitations that make traditional exercise unhelpful. She’s seen clients gain a sense of comfort, inspired perhaps by her own commitment: “I’ve done Pilates lying in a bed because I’ve been too sick, and it helps me the next day. The sense that you’re taking control is key”. Her lesson is simple: “You do not have to be immobilized by horrible pain. Respect the pain, but move.”

“If I’m going to have this arthritis, let me use it to some benefit and help other people who are dealing with the same thing”


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