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It’s March of the Moonlight Ladies


By Mike Strobel  The Toronto Sun  March 4 2010
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"Moonlight Lady" Lori Weisbrod

Moonlight Ladies are taking over the planet, one country at a time. And since ol’ Mrs. Strobel raised no fool, I’m cheering them on.

Costa Rica is the latest to fall to their seasoned charms. Laura Chinchilla, 50, was elected president of that discerning Central American nation on Feb 8. She immediately thanked her supporters via Twitter. Moonlight Ladies may be of a certain age, but they’re current.

Ms. Chinchilla’s triumph brings to 15 the countries currently basking in the reign of Moonlight. Female presidents or prime ministers (and one chancellor) run Croatia, Iceland, Bangladesh, Ukraine, Argentina, Chile, Liberia, Germany, the Philippines, Lithuania, Switzerland, India, Finland and Ireland.

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Dozens of other nations have been so lucky in the past few years. Our own head of state, technically, is Moonlight Lady Michaelle Jean 52, the governor general. What a long way we have come since 1940 when the first, and only, Moonlight Lady head of state, other than royalty, was Khertek Amyrbitovna Anchimaa-Toka. She was chairwoman of the now defunct People’s Republic of Tannu Tuva, part of the Soviet Union. I’ve seen photos, and she was no Gina Lollobrigida, but no matter. She did what Moonlight Ladies are known to do. She broke ground. She took no guff. She was her own man. So to speak. Were she alive today, she’d look around with those piercing eyes and say “We’ve come a long way, baby.”

I know an opportune moment when I seize it, so I’m weighing in with a third edition of Moonlight Ladies. Introducing ML 111: March of the Moonlight Ladies. Unless you have been dead, or in Ottawa, you know what I’m talking about. Moonlight Ladies are my humble campaign to increase the per capita age of SUNshine Girls, to somewhat older than 18.1 years. The first was an Oshawa reader, who wondered why, at 48, she couldn’t be a SUNshine Girl. Since then, dozens of Moonlight Ladies have graced our pages.

The latest is LORI WEISBROD, 49. As you can see, life has been good to Lori in many ways, but she also bears its scars. “Most women over 40 have struggled in some ways and have come out the other end still standing,” she tells me. “It’s reason to celebrate.” This is especially so for Lori. She’s had arthritis since she was 18. She underwent her 15th surgery, this time on her feet, last June. Many of us, would just go to bed and stay there. But Lori became a pilates instructor and developed a variation geared to those with arthritis(See

“Stay active and you’re in control, not the arthritis,” she says. “Getting fit improves everything, including physical beauty.” So true. Our grandmothers, god bless ‘em mostly lived in the kitchen. Dames of today dwell in the gym. “As my friends and I get older, we become more dynamic,” says Lori. “We’re more confident and it’s reflected in our exteriors though what counts is the heart and mind behind the scenes.”

Beautiful Body

“You may have a beautiful body when you’re young, but you haven’t fully come into your own. You’re more easily intimidated and worried what people think.” “As you age, that all goes away.” And it shows. Which brings me to March of the Moonlight Ladies. Want to join? You may already know the drill from the original Moonlight Ladies a year ago, and last fall’s Harvest Moonlight. E-mail me recent, sharp, publishable photos, with a brief bio, including age and full contact info. The only rule is you must be 40 or older. As always, if I ask for ID, consider it a compliment. I’ll run a selection in the next few days. So March comes in like a lioness.

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