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How to get started with Arthro-Pilates™


If you are interested in trying this unique program the first step is to contact me.

I will then get back to you either via e-mail or by phone for a preliminary interview to determine whether you would be a suitable candidate for the Arthro-Pilates™ method and to get any pertinent information, and to discuss fees and policies.

Together, we will determine your fitness goals and work on a mutually agreeable plan for success.

If necessary, I will ask you to get a doctors note giving you permission to proceed with Arthro-Pilates™.

I will then come either to your home, place of business, or other suitable location of your choosing.


Please note: As a personal precaution I do not train men in their homes; I will, however, go to place of business, community centre or gym if required. My daily schedule, including names of clients, dates, times and locations of all appointments are given to an Arthro-Pilates™ team member for security purposes.

I look forward to working with you and helping you to achieve all your goals with Arthro-Pilates™.


Fee schedule

Within the GTA  (Greater Toronto Area) the cost is $60-100 for a one hour session (depending on location). I provide all necessary equipment; all you need is a willing attitude, and a spot for the mat that I will bring.


To save on cost and if you have the room I will train groups of people. So, for example if the cost is $60 and if you have 4 people the cost is $15 a person.

For group sessions I require each person to purchase their own Pilates Mat.

I will travel out of The GTA area, to teach Arthro-Pilates™. The cost will be determined by your location.


24 hour Cancellation Policy: For cancellations within a 24 hour period prior to a booked appointment payment in full is required.



Lori Weisbrod



Disclaimer: Lori Weisbrod is a Certified Mat Pilates instructor. She is not a doctor or physiotherapist and is not liable
for any medical concerns that may arise when participating in any fitness program.

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