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Thank-you so much for inviting me into your pilates class.

I want to share with  you what I saw during your one hour program.

I saw a full room of people, mostly people who have pain from arthritis. You could see at first that most of them were hesitant.  However, your voice, within seconds made them very comfortable. Your voice is very smooth. You were very calm. As you went through the program you continuously explained what they had to do so that no one got lost.

You started the program right on time and stopped exactly on time … showing respect for your students who probably have other things to do.

Your short comments during the sessions were very timely and it made the students more comfortable.

I was the youngest full professor in Canada’s history at the age of 24. I had a lot of professors and I worked with a lot of professors. I have to tell you that your presentation was better than about 90% of the professors.

I will definitely come back to your classes. You should be very proud of what you have done for yourself and for your students. It takes a very internally strong person to do what you are doing.

Thank-you once again for inviting me.  

"Living with a chronic condition causing daily joint pain is a challenge, as you need to find the right balance between activity and rest. Determined to establish a fitness routine that would build core strength and help prevent injuries, I turned to Arthro-Pilates.

My instructor Lori offers customized one-on-one sessions that accommodate and adapt to your individual health condition. I am progressing at a comfortable pace as each session gradually adds more intensity without aggravating my chronic condition. I am always re-energized after our time together and would highly recommend Arthro Pilates. "

Kim Kohlberger
Client and Director of the Rehab. And Geriatrics Program at Halton Healthcare Services

"I have been taking arthro Pilates with Lori for the past 5 months.  I was reluctant to begin the program as I have been battling chronic sciatica for the last 5 years and was concerned that I could end up more debilitated. Walking had become an effort and everyday tasks were also overwhelming. I was diagnosed at 18 months with Rheumatoid Arthritis which left many joints debilitated. Due to the large dose of aspirin I have taken over the years, I cannot tolerate NSAIDs or pain meds, but needed another way to cope with my pain.

I had become aware of Lori's specialized Pilates method through the internet.  I dragged my feet for about 3 years as I kept having sciatic flares along with other health issues.  I was a regular at the physiotherapists office.  I felt relief after treatments but it didn't last.

I finally had enough.  I contacted Lori in September and have been a weekly student since.  Lori is a patient, professional trainer.  She has great empathy, but has crafted a program that keeps you moving and becomes more demanding only when she determines ( with your blessing) that your body has become capable of more. I feel as if my body is light after my arthro-Pilates sessions. 

I am able to walk, everyday tasks have become easier and my sciatic flares are extremely rare.  I haven't been back to my physiotherapist since starting Lori's program.  I know my body is gradually getting stronger.  It is an amazing feeling.  I am now hoping to be able to join in Lori's regular Pilates class sometime in the near future.  I would never have thought that was possible 5 months ago."

"I have had Rheumatoid Arthritis for 18 years and had generally given up hope of ever getting back my strength.

I read the article about Lori and how she was teaching Pilates to people just like me.
After working with her for about 4 classes there was a noticeable improvement and I started to believe this could really help.

Lori works with you on an individual basis to create exercises that give you the most challenge with the least stress on your joints. She is very knowledgeable and professional. I've really enjoyed working with her and feel so much more confident and strong. "

"I have osteoarthritis in both hips. I started Arthro-Pilates with Lori to increase my core strength, increase my range of motion, and improve my posture. Lori challenged me once a week with her workouts. There was no idle time in her sessions. I discovered muscles in my body I never knew I had. At the same time, Lori made sure the exercises didn’t hurt my hip joints. She taught me proper Pilates moves and breathing, always paying attention to protect the spine.
After 5 weeks I noticed my body shape was changing. After 2 months I started getting compliments about my posture. I feel stronger, more flexible, and I can now walk without limping. I feel that Pilates is the best exercise for me at this time. 

I did physiotherapy a couple of years ago, and it was helpful, but the exercises they gave me seemed disjointed and incomplete. With Lori, I am getting a total body workout, where different muscles need to function both separately and together.
After learning the basics of Pilates with Lori in private sessions at my home, I joined Lori’s class. I enjoy the fast pace and the variety of exercises she incorporates into her routines."

"The Arthro-Pilates program is one of the best exercise programs I have ever done. Lori's personalized program took into account my physical limitations and it allowed me to build up my strength and stamina.

I have recently recovered from a complex hip revision and Lori's customized approach has helped me gain back some of the movement that I lost as a result of surgery. I've achieved more with Arthro-pilates than I did with physiotherapy.

I highly recommend this program, no matter what physical limitations you may have. You will be amazed at the results!"

"Dear Lori, we want  you to know how much you have done for both of us. Like you, I have arthritis, not like yours but osteo.I observed you and how you improved your health and body by using pilates and you inspired me to try to help myself.
I started Arthro-Pilates with you at a health club two and one half years ago. After working with you twice a week, I have lost 30 pounds, inches on my waist and hips and more than that I am in shape. Your dedication and toughness have made me fit and relatively pain free.
My husband is 80.  Jan 2007 he went into the hospital for a valve replacement and bypass surgery.  He reacted to the anasthetic and was asleep with round the clock nurses in CICU for 24 days.  We were told he would not recover well. After watching me do my Pilates with you he decided to try it for himself.  He has improved beyond what all the doctors and nurses told me to not even anticipate.  He has gone from doing Pilates with you for 15 minutes a week and walking for 1/2 mile on the treadmill to walking 11/2 miles and doing 45  minute sessions twice a week.  His health and vitality have returned almost 100% and it has so much to do with you and your exercise program.

We are both thankful that you established this program and hope to continue with you for many years. Again our thanks,"

"Lori has been giving me Pilates sessions for 3 months, and I definitely feel better, with increased stamina, and more mobility and strength in my body. I have a particular type of arthritis, and Lori understands how to make me move without pain and at the same time strengthen my muscles."

"After reading a newspaper interview of Lori Weisbrod, I contacted her to see if her Arthro-Pilates™ program might benefit me because I have osteoarthritis in both hips, one more severe than the other, and subsequently entered into a regime with her.

After 3 months, I can unequivocally say that I am stronger, more flexible and feel more in control of my movements despite my arthritic problems. I value the private workouts for the detailed attention and praise I receive. I feel that in a class situation, I would not be assured that I had the right form because the teacher would be unable to notice everyone as individuals. I also value the hints and knowledge that Lori has passed on to me with regard to lifestyle, diet and healthy eating. As a teacher, Lori is an encouraging person and a role model for me."

"I  have Parkinson’s Disease and had known for quite some time that Pilates was a beneficial exercise for my condition.  When I saw Lori’s advertisement, I called her, and though her program is focused on different forms of arthritis, she agreed that Pilates would help me too. 

Lori has been working with me for the past four months. What I really appreciate is her flexibility in adapting the routine to my specific needs.  Since we started, there has been a significant improvement in my strength and flexibility. She varies the program a little each time so that the routine does not become tedious and more parts of the body get  exercised.  The hour goes very quickly and by the end, I am feeling great.  I  particularly like that Lori comes to my home.  It makes it so much easier to commit to an exercise program.  In the past I have joined clubs, exercised for awhile and then dropped out from boredom.

With Lori, my appointments are set, she shows up and I am ready.  She is a professional with heart. Thanks Lori, for helping me continue to improve and feel better."

"I have chronic health problems such as osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis, and am aging. Through doing much reading, I had found out that exercise is the only intervention that reliably increases muscle mass, strength and power. So I am so glad that I have been doing something about it. For the past year I have been seeing Lori regularily for pilates instruction. I have gained muscle and strength and it makes life a lot easier to be stronger when you have Rheumatoid Arthritis. I have good core strength now. Finally I am doing something where you can actually see progress. It is empowering in many ways."

"Lori was asked to present chair pilates for seniors in our condominium building. Lori is highly skilled and motivated. She is always on time and treats us with respect. Her presentation is at the level of the group and she does it with patience and enthusiasm. She encourages us to work at our own level and is helpful when we have difficulties."

"Dear Lori,
I do appreciate the exercises you do with me as they are very helpful. Thank you so much.
With my best wishes,"

"As seniors, my husband and I know how important exercising is and doing senior pilates with Lori is the way to go."

"Dear Lori,
I have participated in Pilates classes run by you and as a senior I am very satisfied with your instruction and classes."

"Through Zoomers magazine coverage, I was able to connect with Lori Weisbrod. After discussion with her, Lori came up with a program of chair pilates suitable to fit the needs of a mature adult group in my condo, some with major health concerns. Lori is sensitive to our limitations, yet provides a program that is beneficial and enjoyable. In fact, when this series ends, we plan to continue for another ten weeks."

"Dear Lori, I cannot thank you enough for introducing me to Arthro-Pilates™. It has made a major difference in my life. My body has changed for the better. My waistline and my hips are getting smaller and my dressmaker is making money taking in my clothes. I feel I have gained in strength and while my arthritis is still present, the pain lessens after my classes. I hope that you will continue this program and I look forward to having you work with me to improve my well-being."

Lori Weisbrod presents as highly professional in both her attitude and conduct. She is very knowledgeable and highly skilled with regard to Pilates. That she has so successfully met the health challenges in her own life is a testimonial to her determination and to her belief in the benefits of Pilates.


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